The Lord has blessed us with a marvelous number of ministries in which to serve. Each ministry stems from a need and therefore isn’t designed for busywork or set aside for traditional projects. Every ministry is overseen by one of our elders and is usually led by a deacon or minister who has been commissioned to use all willing members to fulfill the responsibilities for the assigned ministry. At Deerfoot, every member is needed. We believe strongly in the principles of involvement and ownership. Our desire is that all members be involved and take pride in the great works in which we are involved. We hope you’ll come and join us and let us help you find a place to enrich the work of God in our community.


Wee Folks

Wee Folks has been designed for children from the nursery to the fifth grade. Parents drop their children off in the Wee Folks corner of the fellowship hall on their way to worship in the auditorium. Teachers interact with the children through conversation, storytelling, and reading until it is time for Wee Folks to begin. At the end of Wee Folks, the children are dismissed to their Bible classes. Parents then reunite with their children in the fellowship hall after class.

Wee Folks uses singing combined with puppets and multimedia to expand the class time without overtaxing the children’s attention span. The children are learning fundamental Bible concepts through the timeless stories of the great heroes of God’s word. As such, this program is not a form of children’s church. It does allow parents to worship on Sundays and Wednesdays with the calm reassurance that their children are safe while learning important lessons from the Bible. It also allows our Bible School program teachers to be able to focus on the specific needs of the Nursery, 3 & 4 year olds, K – 2nd grade, and 3rd – 5th grade classes.



The Deerfoot Sparks program is about connecting kids and their families. We understand that the spiritual needs for a modern family go beyond just Sunday morning. This group is designed for kids in the 3rd-6th grade and their families. Sparks are named after what they are to our Church family. Let’s be candid, those in the 3rd-6th grade are the ones that keep us on our toes. They truly are the group that gives the spark that spreads to us all. Their value to us as a congregation is immeasurable. We hope that if you have children this age, you’ll come and be a part of this group. The Sparks program is unique in that it is completely parent and volunteer driven. We know that if you’ll come and be a part of this group, you will find that you can quickly become an integral part.



The Deerfoot Church of Christ youth ministry provides students in grades 6 through 12 with opportunities for Bible study, service and fellowship. The students participate in Bible classes, service projects, retreats, lock-ins, youth rallies and conferences with the goal of growing closer to God and each other while learning about sharing God’s Word and improving their daily walks with Christ. For more information, contact youth minister Johnathan Johnson at


C.I.A. – Christians In Action

The Chrisitans in Action program is an adult program designed with a three-fold purpose:

1. Provide an outlet for uplifting others through cards, calls, and prayers. While not the only group at Deerfoot who participate in these uplifting activities, the Christians in Action group are consistent and deliberate in reaching out to those who are unable to attend services due to health concerns and those who have lost loved ones.
2. Provide those who are either retired, do not work, or who are available during the days an opportunity for a meaningful and deep bible study. With two women’s classes and one men’s class, the Christians in Action group provides a time to dig a little deeper. Bible Classes are held at 10 AM on Tuesdays generally any time that school is in session.
3. Provide those who are either retired, do not work, or who are available during the days an opportunity for Christian fun and fellowship. With monthly fellowship meals and monthly outings, the CIA program provides an excellent opportunity to grow closer as individuals and to grow closer to God.



Our congregation has one of the farthest reaching Deaf ministries in the United States. The Deaf at Deerfoot are a closely knit community that spend time together on retreats, camps, and in fellowship. The Deaf ministry is also active in our mission work to the central American country of Belize. At one time, it is believed that every Deaf person in Belize was a New Testament Christian thanks to the work of our Deaf ministry. The Deaf meet in our chapel each Sunday morning for services immediately following Bible classes, share a meal together and meet again on Sunday afternoons at 1:00. There are classes for the Deaf anytime that the congregation has classes.



No man is perfect. Romans 3:23 reminds us that all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. We all need forgiveness and we all need Christ- no matter where we are in life. Our prison ministry reaches out to those who can’t always reach out to us. We are reaching out to those who sometimes can see their need for Christ more clearly than those who are not incarcerated. The ministry has become one of the most effective means of teaching the gospel. Men from our church hold regular worship services at the St. Clair Maximum Security Prison, the Birmingham Women’s Work Release Center, and the St. Thomas Men’s Work Release Center in Birmingham. Every year, many men and women are led to Christ because of this effort.



Below are links to organizations and mission efforts we support: