COVID-19 Update

The shepherds at Deerfoot Church of Christ are monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on our worship and other assemblies.

Ep 035: Sharpen Each Other

Join Richard and Dennis as they discuss how to help someone the way God wants us to help them + Richard shares scriptures to help battle addiction.

Ep 033: God’s Instructions for Giving

Join Richard and Dennis as they discuss God’s instructions for giving + Richard answers this week’s submitted Bible question: “If the Bible says ‘do not kill’ and the Bible says …

Ep 032: Collection for the Saints

Join Richard and Dennis as they discuss what the Bible says about giving money to the church + Richard answers this week’s Bible question: “Is fellowship something we have or …

Ep 031: Communication of the Church

Join Dennis and Richard as they discuss how you can grow closer to God and other Christians through good communication. You can watch Richard’s sermon on Communication in the Church …