Mission Sunday and Truth for Today World Mission School

By Tim Shoemaker

Truth for Today World Mission School in Searcy, Arkansas, is a multi-faceted non-profit organization dedicated to world evangelism. Directed by Eddie Cloer, a professor of Bible and preaching courses at Harding University, TFTWMS strives to teach faithfully the Holy Scriptures of our Lord.

Truth for Today World Mission School is the multi-language printed preacher’s school for preachers and teachers in 145 countries of the world. Their goal is to help people everywhere find the way to Heaven. At the present time Bible courses are provided with 3,000 lessons in English, 1,400 in Spanish, 1,600 in French and 2,000 in Russian, plus thousands more in several other languages. It is the intent and prayer that the materials on Bible courses will guide people into a deeper understanding of God’s Word, equip them to teach it more effectively, and encourage them in meeting the challenge of our Lord’s Great Commission.

World evangelism will only take place in direct proportion to the number of qualified national preachers who are scattered throughout the earth. Governments can keep missionaries out, but it is very difficult to keep printed materials from entering a country. Those who receive material from Truth for Today World Mission School realize their training in the Word is a gift from God. When you give to this work, you are giving these men the tools they need to teach those who have never heard the Gospel.

A monthly publication called “Truth for Today” is sent to tens of thousands of preachers and Bible teachers. Each issue is the equivalent of a 150-page book. It is published 12 times a year and is mailed in English to thousands of preaching brethren in many nations all over the globe. Translating offices have been established in Brazil, China, Costa Rica, France, India, Indonesia, Italy, and Ukraine.

In addition, TFTWMS is publishing a series of commentaries to cover each book of the Bible. Faithful scholars within the churches of Christ are producing a complete, book-by-book commentary on the entire Bible. Each volume in this historic work provides remarks on the verses of the text covered, and chapters end with application sections which offer suggestions for developing sermons and Bible classes. At the present time there are 27 books of the Old Testament that are published plus two volumes on Biblical Archaeology. Commentaries on 15 books of the New Testament have been published.

We have been supporting this work for a number of years and Brother Cloer has come each year to speak at the Bible school hour and the worship hour, giving us a report on the work they are doing and the work they hope to do. I do not know of any other work among our brethren that is doing as much in helping to spread the gospel to every creature as this. This is a work we want to continue to support through the money raised on Mission Sunday. To continue to do this we need to continue our generous giving on May the seventh. Works like this that are alive and active will always be in need of support and this work is certainly worthy of our help.